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Many people find that when we eat fruit or vegetables, it’s the same as eating both. it is clear that only a varied diet takes the largest possible number of nutrients.

If you are not a big fan of vegetables, you will think that you can make up for it by eating lots of fruit. It is clear why you would think that – we always mention them together, and since both are herbal origins and belong to healthy foods, we are inclined to assume that they can mutually be replaced as to the nutrients they contain.

Fitonut plants give taste and color to fruits and vegetables. When we see how many different colors and flavors exist between fruits and vegetables, it becomes clear that they are not as similar as we think, and that they are not exclusively a source of vitamins and minerals.

Thus, berries and broccoli look similar when we take into account the content of vitamin C, but with regard to phytonutrients, they are very different. The bobits are reddish-purple because they contain anthocyanins – which have more in fruit than in vegetables. These phytonutrients are not in the fruit.

Get ready for Summer

The best way to reduce calories is to combine a child and exercise. There are justified reasons why you should apply both. Namely, in people who do not normally have the need for a large amount of calories, it may not be possible to reduce the daily amount by 500 calories, without that being too much (1200 total calories per day is minimum). If you are injecting an insufficient amount of calories, you may also miss nutrients – and you will not have enough energy to exercise. When you choose an approach that involves just exercise, keep in mind that it takes a lot of activities to burn 500 calories – say an hour of continuous swimming.

Try to keep the food you eat full of nutrients, which does not mean that it must be caloric. At the top of the list is vegetables, then foods that contain proteins and are not greasy (fish and oysters, poultry, egg whites, milk products, protein powder), fruit and integral cereals.


Get out of the gym and breathe fresh air. Nature is waking, and we all wake up!

How to Run?

Spring is also known as the seasons, which is somewhat unpredictable. Namely, the sun and the sun change, there is the wind … In this regard, dress yourself layered. Over a short sleeve shirt you can wear a lightweight hoodie or long-sleeved shirt that you will then easily remove and tie around your waist when you warm up or when you get outdoors if you’re a ranger.

Though it sounds silly, there are runners who enjoy running in the rain. What is important is that after training in the rain, you quickly dry out and drink warm tea. Also, the wet sneakers advice – put the folded newspaper in the sneakers and let it overnight. Newspapers will absorb all the moisture overnight and the next day you will be able to run back to running without any problems.

If you have just activated now, check out which races are taking place in the fall (see our race calendar) and set your goal whether it’s a semi-marathon or marathon distance.

You get used to running on the treadmill and you may experience a mild discomfort while running on another surface – whether it’s concrete, tartan or grass. Take it easy, make sure you do not get stuck somewhere and enjoy every piston step. If there is a slight fluctuation and hysteresis of movement to training, remember that this is just the current phase, and how much of it is good for your physical activity.

Maybe you have not practiced how much you have planned or what you intended, but if you still adhere to the decision more than last year, it may be because you managed to get rid of a few bad habits. And that’s great – because small changes in the way of life every day can really be of significance. You can continue to realize these little successes in the new year.

It’s nice to be ambitious, but if you make too many changes at the same time, you might experience failure. Making decisions is easy; but keeping them difficult is because you have to change the way of life. It takes time to change a bad habit, and for this reason repetition is very important.